Watch Killer Mike interview Jack White: “I only let out a truncated version of things I’m interested in”

The pair talked about White's new album 'Fear Of The Dawn' and the upcoming 'Entering Heaven Alive'

Killer Mike sat down with Jack White on a new episode of his talk show, Love & Respect.

This past week’s episode, which was billed ‘Part 1’, saw the Run The Jewels rapper interviewing White about his career with The White Stripes, his on-stage engagement and marriage, and his pair of 2022 albums ‘Fear Of The Dawn‘ and ‘Entering Heaven Alive‘.

White also spoke about his work in design over the COVID pandemic and return to upholstery. “I got into furniture making and upholstery, designing things at my pressing plant,” he said.


“We opened a Third Man store in London so I designed the interior of that. And I co-own a baseball bat company called Warstic and I co-designed the headquarters in Dallas for that. So I got to do a lot of design work in 2020 and by the end of 2020, I started to pick up a guitar and the piano a little bit.”

At one point, Mike asks if trade should be something that is taught in high school, to which White replies: “I think it should be offered for sure. I would think it’s absolutely necessary.”

Later, the pair spoke about marriage and how White has kept his personal life private until his recent public marriage ceremony. He noted that now there is an “expectation to share or overshare, which for some people is great and is a cool thing and they’re good at it – it’s an enjoyable experience for them, whereas to me it just doesn’t fit me very well.

“Sometimes I’ll share things that are important to me. Getting married on stage, that day was so beautiful, and the building we were in meant so much to me and my wife. It seemed to be the right moment. I kept thinking that if it doesn’t go that way, there’ll be a sign saying ‘oh this is not the time to do it’.”

He continued: “When you put out things that you hold dear and you really love, if you really put them out there, people can walk all over them and destroy them. Then you’re left with these crumbled pieces of these things that are so important to you. So I only let out a truncated version of things I’m interested in.”


Meanwhile, Mike recently made a cameo appearance in the new series of Ozark. It was confirmed last summer that the Run The Jewels member – real name Michael Render –would be making a cameo as himself in an episode of the series.

In other news, White was announced last month as one of the artists who features on the soundtrack for Elvis, the upcoming Presley biopic directed by Baz Luhrmann.

The soundtrack will also include “original songs and recordings” by Presley along with the film’s star Austin Butler, as well as names including Eminem and Tame Impala.