Watch Leanne & Naara’s new music video for ‘Keeping Me Up’

The duo explore a new R&B-influenced sound

Filipino singer-songwriter duo Leanne & Naara have released a new music video for their latest single, ‘Keeping Me Up’, via Warner Music Philippines.

Lyrically, ‘Keeping Me Up’ centres on the stage of a budding romance where you’re completely infatuated with someone else, sacrificing sleep and staying up all night thinking of them.

The clip, released October 10, finds the duo ready to turn in for the night in a bedroom – but they keep getting distracted by texting, with Naara eventually falling into a romantic fantasy with Carl the skeleton and Leanne staying up to clean, watch television and play her Nintendo Switch.


Watch the music video for ‘Keeping Me Up’ below.


The duo worked on the track during their time in Sweden last October in a songwriting camp with Swedish producer Elias Naslin and songwriter Patrick Jean. Throughout their trip and collaboration with Naslin and Jean, the duo moved away from their typical pop sound to experiment with genres such as R&B.

“The one who really put the indie-pop and R&B vibe was Elias,” Leanne said in a press statement. “It was magic when he made it because he was just jamming to himself while we were writing the lyrics and then after a few minutes, he came up with this dance-y vibe and melody that’s perfect with the hook that we made with Patrick. It was really a collaborative work.”

“This song is totally different from our previous tracks because it’s a mix of pop, indie, soul and R&B,” Naara added. “This time we didn’t box our sound into one genre”.


In other news, Leanne & Naara are scheduled to perform for the upcoming SONIK Philippines virtual music conference and festival this month. The duo are currently slated to perform on Saturday, 17 October.