Watch Liam Gallagher perform ‘The River’ in new ‘Knebworth 22’ clip

The concert film is arriving in select UK cinemas from Thursday

Liam Gallagher has shared a new teaser of his imminent Knebworth 22 concert film – watch him perform ‘The River’ below.

Knebworth 22, which immortalises the Oasis frontman’s two gigs at Knebworth Park this summer, is set to arrive in select UK cinemas for a limited time on November 17, with a full streaming release on Paramount+ later this year. Tickets for the screenings can be purchased here.

Ahead of the film’s release, Gallagher has shared a new clip of him performing ‘The River’ at Knebworth, which you can watch below.


Ahead of the film’s release, Gallagher revealed that there will be no Oasis songs included in the Knebworth 22 documentary because his estranged brother and former bandmate Noel “blocked them”.

Speaking to NME at the film’s premiere recently, Knebworth 22 director Toby L spoke about the frontman’s return to Knebworth Park this summer, calling it “a great moment” for “a new generation of fans that weren’t alive when Oasis was around.”

“I thought there was a lot of beauty and pathos for it because we’d all been going through such a difficult time the last few years,” Toby said.

“I thought it was something for people to look forward to, I thought for a new generation of fans that weren’t alive when Oasis was around, it was a great moment for them and I think that’s when we started realising that as much as it was Liam’s moment, it was a moment for a lot of people that wanted to be together again and that’s what excited me to try and put that forward and make sure that it’s not just about Liam’s story, it’s about several other people in the process as well.”

In a voiceover from the film’s trailer, Gallagher said: “After the pandemic, y’know… the bills are fucking too high. There’s a load of this shit, a load of that shit. The government’s not fucking listening. Stick us all in that field and [let’s] have that special time again. It’s fucking amazing.”


In a previous statement, Gallagher explained of the documentary: “I’m still in shock that I got to play Knebworth two nights, 26 years after I played it with Oasis.

“To have played to multiple generations at the same venue so many years apart was beyond Biblical. I’m so glad that we documented it. Knebworth for me was and always will be a celebration of the fans as well as the music. Enjoy the film and let’s do it again in another 26 years. LG x.”