Watch Lomba Sihir’s exuberant music video for ‘Nirrrlaba’

In the video, the Indonesian supergroup play rock 'n' roll in defiance of the powers that be

Indonesian band Lomba Sihir have released the music video for ‘Nirrrlaba’ (‘Non-Profit’).

The song is taken from their debut album, ‘Selamat Datang di Ujung Dunia’. In the music video, which premiered on YouTube last night (April 14), the band perform the song in a fictionalised livestream as an act of defiance – one that soon draws the ire of politicians, played in the music video by children.

Watch the music video, directed by Agung Pambudi, below.



Lomba Sihir – a supergroup comprising members of .Feast, Glaskaca, and Mantra Vutura – had previously teased the music video with a promo visual stylised as a movie poster.


The penultimate track on ‘Selamat Datang di Ujung Dunia’, ‘Nirrrlaba’ is one of the more politically minded songs on the album, with lyrics that dwell on the economy, the internet and history – it makes mention of political party PKI, the defunct Communist Party Of Indonesia.


In an interview with NME, vocalist Baskara Putra (also the frontman of .Feast) said that  ‘Selamat Datang di Ujung Dunia’ wasn’t a didactic record.

“I don’t feel like this album wants to say or make certain statements for the listeners to get,” he said. “It’s just kind of a portrait of Jakarta and its people, from our perspective as people who come from middle-class circles. If it feels messy and jumbled, then that is what Jabodetabek [Greater Jakarta] is in our eyes.”

The video for ‘Nirrrlaba’ follows visuals for singles ‘Apa Ada Asmara’ and ‘Hati dan Paru-Paru’, which dropped before the album’s release on March 26.

Lomba Sihir comprises vocalists Baskara Putra and Natasha Udu, drummer Enricon Octaviano, vocalist and keyboardist Tristan Juliano, guitarist Rayhan Noor and bassist Wisnu Ikhsantama W.

The members of Lomba Sihir have served as Baskara’s backing band for his Hindia solo project, contributing to his 2019 album ‘Menari Dengan Bayangan’ and performing with him at live shows all over Indonesia.