Watch Lomba Sihir’s heartwarming video for debut single ‘Hati dan Paru-Paru’

The Hindia-led band will release their debut album this year

Hindia’s band Lomba Sihir have dropped their debut single, ‘Hati dan Paru-Paru’ and an accompanying music video.

The upbeat song, which arrived on Friday (February 26), previews their debut album, which will be out later this year. In a statement, the band say that ‘Hati dan Paru-Pau’, which is inspired by ’80s pop, is representative of what the record will sound like.

The video was directed by broadcast host Iyas Lawrence. He also stars in the clip, giving away food, teddy bears, shirts and skateboards to kids and workers as Jakarta undergoes its annual rainy season.


Watch the music video below:

Frontman Hindia – aka Baskara Putra, who is also the frontman of .Feast – has described the song as a love letter to Jakarta, in all of its good and bad. Baskara, who penned the lyrics for the song, said he hoped to capture his longing for the joys and frustrations of regular life before the COVID-19 pandemic in ‘Hati dan Paru-Paru’.

He also addressed fans who might be upset he shifted focus from the second Hindia album to work on a record with Lomba Sihir: “Believe me… Lomba Sihir’s album is better than [his debut Hindia album] ‘Menari Dengan Bayangan’.

Earlier this month (February 15), after sharing several clips from the studio on social media, Lomba Sihir finally announced that they would be releasing their debut album this year.


In a social media post, the band quipped that they were tired of playing Hindia’s famed single ‘Secukupnya’, which prompted them to record their own album. There is no confirmed release date for the full-length release just yet.

Other than Baskara, the band consists of vocalist Natasha Udu, guitarist Rayhan Noor, bassist Wisnu Ikhsantama W., keyboardist Tristan Juliano and drummer Enrico Octaviano.

Most of Lomba Sihir contributed to the recording of the debut Hindia album released in 2019, and subsequently formed a band to back Hindia at live shows all over Indonesia. Lomba Sihir eventually developed into more than a live band, with all members contributing in the music-making process.

The breezy pop sound of the debut Lomba Sihir single stands apart from the music the band members make in their other projects. Natasha Udu releases music under her own name; Rayhan and Enrico perform in the band Martials; Rayhan and Wisnu are part of trio Glaskaca; while Tristan is a member of duo Mantra Vutura.

In January, Hindia teamed up with DJ and producer Dipha Barus to release the single ‘Tidak Ada Salju di Sini, Pt. 7’. The track arrived several months after he released a mini-album with .Feast, ‘Uang Muka’.