Watch LUST, No Good perform unreleased material for ASEAN Music Showcase Festival 2021

Other Southeast Asian acts whose full sets are now available to view include Sophia Kao and VANNDA

LUST and No Good premiered new material during their recent performances for ASEAN Music Showcase Festival, which are now available to view on YouTube.

The virtual livestream festival, which took place on September 11 and 12, featured performances from several artists across Southeast Asia. Now, a number of its performers have shared their full sets.

Malaysian indie duo LUST – who released their latest EP ‘Vantablack’ last year – performed the EP’s title track as well as four unreleased tracks, which the band say are from their upcoming album: ‘Fields Of Grey’, ‘When The Stars Aren’t Looking’, ‘Lust In My Life’ and ‘I Dunno’.


Watch LUST’s set below.

Malaysian garage punk trio No Good included three unreleased songs in their 10-track setlist: ‘Kito Yak Dulu Lagi’, ‘Koho X Koho’ and ‘Bo Bo La’. They also performed their latest single, the reggae-tinged ‘Kayaba’.

No Good released the EP ‘Demo Kawe’ last year. The record landed the 10th spot in NME’s list of the best Asian albums of 2020. Watch their performance here:

Other artists from the ASEAN Music Showcase Festival lineup who have shared their sets online include Cambodian artists Sophia Kao, VANNDA, VANTHAN and Omens Radio. Watch their performances here.


This year’s ASEAN Music Showcase Festival also featured performances from Singapore’s brb., M1LDL1FE, .gif, Malaysia’s Shelhiel, Indonesia’s Sunwich and Philippines’ Oh, Flamingo! to name a few.