Watch M1LDL1FE’s new animated music video for ‘Can’t Seem To Get Anything’

The glitchy animation focuses on an individual’s inability to connect with anything around him

Singaporean indie-pop quartet M1LDL1FE have released a new animated music video for their latest single, ‘Can’t Seem To Get Anything’.

The video sees a boy finding himself mentally disassociating himself with the people around him, switching off all connections he has with others. He then finds himself trapped in his own mind, looking for a way out.

Warning: The video may trigger viewers’ seizures or photosensitive epilepsy. See it below.



The new clip was produced by animators Phoebe Ting, Denise Nicole Yap, and Yanhan Hoo. Ting said in a press release: “When we first heard M1LDL1FE’s ‘Can’t Seem To Get Anything’, we felt it was a perfect encapsulation of anxiety and alienation, being stuck thing our four walls during the pandemic. It was a really cathartic experience listening to the song and translating it into visuals.”

The track, which first released in November last year, features the heavy use of fuzzy guitars and synths, an element that played a key role in the video’s production.

“Inspired by the distorted reverbs of the electric guitar and echoey synths, we explored with distortion and glitching of images. To further illustrate the visceral sensation of dissociation, the whole music video is seen through a chromatic abbreviated lens,” explained Ting.


While ‘Can’t Seem To Get Anything’ seems to encapsulate the social and mental disconnect that many people have experienced since the coronavirus pandemic began early last year, the track was written before the pandemic hit.

“The song is a manifestation of some of the low points we have had in our personal lives over the past couple of years: personal losses, relationship issues, mental health struggles, in addition to the stresses of the daily grind,” said vocalist Paddy Ong in a press release.