Watch Maliq & D’Essentials’ music video for new single ‘Langkah Baikmu Berarti’

Emphasising the spirit of generosity, in line with Ramadan

Indonesian pop-jazz group Maliq & D’Essentials have dropped a music video for their new single ‘Langkah Baikmu Berarti’ (Your Good Deeds Matter’).

The video – directed by Dian Tamara – arrived on YouTube on Friday (April 26) and centres on the band delivering a spirited performance of the track, which was released earlier this month.

In line with the month of Ramadan, the song emphasises a message of generosity. Accordingly, the video ends with a short scene of a woman refusing to accept change from a Ramadan bazaar seller after purchasing food to break her fast.


Both the video and song are a brand collaboration with the cosmetics company Wardah. Watch the clip below:

‘Langkah Baikmu Berarti’ arrived two months after Maliq & D’Essentials dropped their latest EP ‘RAYA’ in February.

The six-track EP combines the ‘RAYA Part I’ and ‘RAYA Part II’ projects that Maliq & D’Essentials released last year, plus two new singles: ‘Sesuatunya’ and ‘Semoga’.

Prior to the EP, vocalist Indah Wisnuwardhana had taken a six-month break to recover from varicose veins around her vocal cords. The EP also saw drummer Widi Puradiredja return to singing a Maliq & D’Essentials song – his first since their 2005 song ‘Untitled’.


The band’s last album ‘Senandung Senandika’ was launched in 2017. The band currently consists of vocalists Angga Puradiredja and Indah Wisnuwardhana, guitarist Arya ‘Lale’ Aditya Ramadhya, bassist Dendy ‘Javafinger/Jawa’ Sukarno, keyboardist Ilman Ibrahim Isa’, and drummer Widi Puradiredja.

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