Watch Masiwei’s multi-set live performance video of solo album ‘Humble Swag’

The Higher Brothers rapper performs from a bedroom, convenience store, classroom and more – all in one continuous shot

Masiwei of Chinese rap group Higher Brothers has released a special live performance video of seven tracks from his new solo album ‘Humble Swag’.

Uploaded to the 88rising YouTube channel on May 11, the nine-minute video features Masiwei performing the tracks ‘候鸟 Bird’, ‘内幕 For Your Eyes Only’, ‘Humble Swag’, ‘你我几兄弟 Brothers’, ‘登机 Boarding’, ‘长城 Great Wall’, and ‘亚特兰蒂斯 Atlantis’.

It’s an impressive video that sees the rapper changing costumes and moving between different sets, each matching the song’s theme, in one continuous shot. Starting from his bedroom and transitioning to a convenience store, a classroom, and an underground throne, the video ends with a behind-the-scenes peek at the planning and filming.


Watch Masiwei’s ‘Humble Swag’ live performance below.

Masiwei released his third solo album ‘Humble Swag’ on April 13. The album also includes previously released singles ‘SNTS’, ‘For Your Eyes Only’, ‘Lale Lale’ and ‘Humble Swag’, and follows his record ‘Dark Horse’, which was released just over a year ago on February 14.

In 2021, Masiwei was featured on the soundtrack to the Marvel superhero film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings alongside fellow 88rising labelmates Rich Brian and Warren Hue on the track ‘Lazy Susan’, which also included 21 Savage.

Earlier that year, Masiwei also appeared on Hong Kong rapper Dough-Boy’s album ‘Power’, which featured a host of international collaborators like Malaysia’s Joe Flizzow, Lil Yachty and Bohan Phoenix.


Higher Brothers’ last release came in the form of their single ‘Empire’ in 2020. It was their first new music since their last album ‘Five Stars’ in 2019, with the members of the group focusing on their own solo projects since.

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