Watch Mediocre Haircut Crew rap over a beat made from Singapore field recordings

The hip-hop trio sampled sounds from the Toa Payoh neighbourhood and turned them into a beat

Singaporean hip-hop trio Mediocre Haircut Crew have collaborated with Snakeweed Studios for a new series titled Alive & Kicking.

The video series follows Singaporean bands and musicians as they travel across the country to record everyday noises and sounds, and turn them into beats for original songs. The first episode – featuring Mediocre Haircut Crew – premiered yesterday (March 31).

The episode sees Mediocre Haircut Crew explore the neighbourhood of Toa Payoh, recording sounds from exercise equipment at a playground, puddles, fruit stall vendors, and vending machines.


The trio then went back to the studio, where they recorded verses and vocals over a beat that member omarKENOBI produced. The trio then explained their production process to Snakeweed Studios producer Leonard Soosay.

After recording and performing the song, the trio also performed their 2017 hit ‘Lose Your Love’. Watch the entire episode below.

The first episode of Alive & Kicking closes with the trio sharing about how the ongoing coronavirus pandemic had affected them, and dispensing advice to those who fall into the trap of overthinking.

In January, Mediocre Haircut Crew performed a live concert alongside fellow Singaporean hip-hop acts Fariz Jabba and THELIONCITYBOY. The ticketed show was open to a maximum capacity audience of 250 people, the approved audience limit at the time given Singapore’s COVID-19 measures.


The trio also released their latest project ‘MHC Mixtape’ in 2020. It featured tracks like ‘Bali Boys’, ‘Juice’ and ‘SMD’.