Watch members of Converge, Vio-lence and more perform a metal cover of Billy Idol’s ‘Rebel Yell’

The cover was performed as part of Jordan Olds' 'Two Minutes To Late Night' series

A swathe of metal band members originating from Converge, Vio-lence, Volumes, Potion and Havok have produced a metal cover of Billy Idol‘s 1983 song, ‘Rebel Yell’, in their own homes/studios.

Vocals on the cover are provided by Myke Terry (Volumes), while Brandon Bruce (Havok) and Ben Koller (Converge, Mutoid Man, All Pigs Must Die) contribute bass guitar and drums respectively.

Guitars are delivered by Lee Jowono (Potion) and Phil Demmel (Vio-Lence), who makes his appearance halfway throughout the cover playing a guitar solo sitting in a children’s inflatable rocket ship tent.


The cover was organised by comedian Jordan Olds as part of his Two Minutes To Late Night series. Olds also contributes guitar in character as Gwarsenio Hall, complete with corpse paint makeup. Watch the performance below:

According to the video description, this performance marked the 20th “bedroom cover” made possible from fans’ donations through Patreon. Olds also noted on social media that the cover was “three years in the making”.

“Originally, [Terry] was supposed to be a guest on season one and we were gonna perform this live at Vitus but American Airlines punted that idea into the sun,” wrote Olds on Instagram.

“However, if that happened we wouldn’t have had [Bruce], [Jowono], and COO of NASA, [Demmel], all kickin this song square in the dick. Soooooo maybe it worked out for the best????”


In related news, Converge frontman Jacob Bannon recently told NME his thoughts on The 1975‘s Matty Healy frequently citing his hardcore band as an influence.

“I was told about that. I appreciate any person taking the time to listen and connect with our music,” he said.

“Same goes for anyone who makes that effort, as we are not an ‘easy’ band to get into.”

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