Watch MILLI’s trippy music video for new single ‘Sad Aerobic’

The Thai rapper first aired the song at Coachella, where she also performed viral track ‘Mango Sticky Rice’

Thai rapper MILLI has released her latest single, ‘Sad Aerobic’.

The track – released on streaming platforms on Saturday (May 28) – is “based on these community aerobics dance sessions you see everywhere in Thailand”, MILLI explained in a recent interview with NME. “The beats people dance to are pretty much a genre of its own.”

She added: “Even though it’s inspired by the most ordinary thing ever, there’s a message of self-love behind it. I want to encourage women who have been hurt in their relationships to shake off the sadness and start taking care of themselves.”


‘Sad Aerobic’ arrived with a trippy accompanying music video. Filmed during MILLI’s recent trip to Los Angeles for Coachella, the effect-filled visual sees the rapper performing along to the track in various settings, interspersed with snippets of her Coachella performances.

Watch the music video for ‘Sad Aerobic’ below.

‘Sad Aerobic’ also sees MILLI reunite with frequent collaborator SPATCHIES, who has produced ’17’, ‘Not Yet’ and ‘Sud Pang’ for the rapper. In a press statement, MILLI also encouraged her friends to use the song for their exercise sessions, saying: “You could dance to this song in front of the mall if you want. I will be very pleased and delighted.”

‘Sad Aerobic’ serves as the Thai rapper’s fifth release of the year. Prior to ‘Sad Aerobic’, she released ‘Mango Sticky Rice’ on May 20. She first debuted the track at Coachella to close her four-song set and went viral by whipping out a bowl of the iconic Thai dessert and eating onstage – which inspired skyrocketing sales of the dessert in Thailand.

MILLI also revealed to NME that ‘Sad Aerobic’ is set to feature on her upcoming debut album alongside February’s single ’17’ and last year’s ‘Not Yet’. While a firm release date for the album has not been announced, MILLI said she hopes “that it will come out by the end of this year”.

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