Watch Moses Sumney perform his Tiny Desk Concert from home

The socially-distanced performance included three tracks from latest album 'græ'

Moses Sumney is the latest artist to perform from home as part of the remotely-filmed version of NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series.

From his home in North Carolina, Sumney played a trio of songs from his latest album, ‘græ’, performing ‘Bless Me’, ‘Me in 20 Years’ and ‘Polly’. Sumney also played ‘Rank & File’, a track from his 2018 EP ‘Black in Deep Red, 2014’, during the lo-fi performance.

“I’m performing songs off of my new album which I released in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, so that was fun,” Sumney commented. “But all of the songs are about loneliness and isolation so, who’s laughing now?”


Watch Sumney’s performance below:

Sumney released the 20-track ‘græ’ in two parts – the first instalment arriving in March and the second half in May.

“Making this record was dramatically different to the last,” Sumney told NME back in May.

“I really wanted to exhaust everything, and explore all the different sides of my identities that are within me. I wanted it to be more naked. I think that my [multiplicity] had definitely bled into my interest in music, and the way that I construct music.”

Calling it a “meticulous, dense and challenging album”, the singer-songwriter explained that his latest is the kind of album that rewards multiple listens.


“I would argue that it’s impossible to get it all at first listen, so I decided to release it in two parts. It’s experimental, and the release model needs to be experimental in some way.”

Back in July, Sumney shared his rendition of the Olympic Hymn in a new release titled ‘Monumental’, a collaboration as part of designer Thom Browne’s SS21 collection.

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