Watch Nadin Amizah cover Billie Eilish’s ‘Happier Than Ever’

The Indonesian singer-songwriter matches the sorrowful mood of the original

Indonesian singer-songwriter Nadin Amizah has shared a cover of Billie Eilish’s ‘Happier Than Ever’, the title track of the pop star’s latest album.

The clip was shared on Instagram on Monday (August 23), showing Nadin in a darkened room. She covers the first half of the song – which ends before the original song’s explosive indie rock coda – by singing alongside a distant-sounding acoustic backing track.

In her light-hearted caption, Nadin self-deprecatingly talked about her bleached eyebrows being too bright and joked about her fears of seeing a tuyul (a folkloric Indonesian spirit) late at night.


Watch the clip below.

In May, Nadin Amizah dropped her new EP, ‘Kalah Bertaruh (A Losing Game)’. “This EP is about a fiery love cycle that ran its course,” she told The Jakarta Post. “It felt like we were playing a game that offered no victory in sight, but we kept on playing it anyway because, I don’t know, for the satisfaction of it, I guess?”

The following month, Nadin starred in a musical short titled Limina | Limen alongside fellow singer-songwriters Kunto Aji and Sal Priadi.

Nadin has also been busy running a COVID-19 relief fundraising campaign with actress Najwa Shihab.


The effort aims to fund additional oxygen supplies as her home country continues to battle its deadliest wave of COVID-19 yet. The campaign, hosted on fundraising site Kitabisa, ends tomorrow. Find more info here.