Watch Nicki Minaj sing Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’ on ‘Carpool Karaoke’

Minaj also said Adele’s take of her ‘Monster’ verse made her “so so happy”

Nicki Minaj appeared on Carpool Karaoke last night (April 6), performing a snippet of Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’ – watch footage below.

Speaking to host James Corden, Minaj slipped into a British accent with Corden saying “you sound just like Adele”.

Minaj then did her best impression of Adele going viral at a basketball game, before talking about Adele’s take on Minaj’s verse from Kanye West’s ‘Monster’, which she performed on Carpool Karaoke back in 2016 as well as at a party in LA in 2019.


At the time Minaj tweeted: “Adele is mad ratchet” and last night, she said “I just loved it. She made me so, so happy. She embodied Nicki Minaj,” before performing ‘Monster’ herself. Watch footage below:

“She just naturally has that thing,” added Minaj, still talking in a British accent. “But it’s different. She’s singing these sad songs so you don’t expect it from her.” Minaj then returned the favour, performing ‘Someone Like You’.

Elsewhere on Carpool Karaoke, Minaj performed versions of ‘Starships’, ‘Super Bass’ and ‘Do We Have A Problem?’ as well as a freestyle while Corden beatboxed.

Minaj also opened up about her struggles with anxiety. “I think when I was younger, my more natural state was to be more confident. But I think when you’re a woman and you’re in the public eye all the time, if you’re not careful you can become less confident because you’re being constantly scrutinised. I just don’t think it’s natural. It’s not natural for a human being to feel like everyone’s critiquing them,” she said.


“When I first came into the industry, I had this amazing sense of freedom because nobody gave a shit about what I was doing, I could get away with anything. It goes from that to the complete opposite,” she added.

She is set to headline Wireless Festival later this year. 

Topping the Finsbury Park leg of the expanded festival, Minaj will be joined by Cardi B and SZA. The following weekend, Birmingham is due to welcome Dave, Cardi B and J. Cole as headliners of a brand-new, purpose-built outdoor site at the city’s National Exhibition Centre (NEC) venue.

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