Watch Pamungkas, Romantic Echoes, Oslo Ibrahim, and Gangga jam covers of John Mayer and Jamie Cullum

Including a short cover of The Smiths' 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out'

Indonesian artists Pamungkas, Romantic Echoes, Oslo Ibrahim, Try Manik, and Gangga have released a video of them jamming to several John Mayer and Jamie Cullum songs while in the studio together.

The video of the musicians jamming together was posted on the YouTube channel of local entertainment news outlet PopCult ID, and shows the artists taking up instruments as they jammed to John Mayer’s hit singles ‘Gravity’ and ‘Vultures’, as well as Jamie Cullum’s ‘Mind Trick’.

Watch Pamungkas, Romantic Echoes, Oslo Ibrahim, Try Manik, and Gangga jam together below.


Romantic Echoes also later shared a video of the artists covering The Smith’s ‘There Is A Light That Never Goes Out’ on his Instagram page. Romantic Echoes – real name Jack Alfredo – also added a tongue-in-cheek caption saying, “Ok, first off, I’ve decided to leave this band. This is the best decision for all, thank you for all the support,” cutting off any speculation the artists would ever join together as a supergroup.

Pamungkas, Romantic Echoes, Oslo Ibrahim and Gangga have jammed together before however, having come together at Santai Sore with the company of singer-songwriter Morad to perform several songs from each artist’s catalogue.

Pamungkas most recently released the third single from his upcoming album ‘Birdy’, the insightful ‘Trust Me With This (Mama)’. He had previously released the singles ‘Please Baby Please’ and ‘Birdy’. The latter single was embroiled in a plagiarism controversy leading to Pamungkas uploading a new version of ‘Birdy’ with no fanfare or announcement.

Pamungkas will join Kunto Aji, Senyawa, Raisa, Maliq & D’Essentials, and The SIGIT at the Bali Joyland Festival this March 25 to 27. Following that, he will hold his ‘Pamungkas: A Day in Yogyakarta’ concert, which was rescheduled from February 13 to May 28.


Oslo Ibrahim last released the single ‘Strangers Again’ featuring Pamungkas in October last year. The two artists had previously collaborated on the track ‘I May Not The One’ from Ibrahim’s 2020 debut album, with Pamungkas taking up production duties on the track.

Romantic Echoes has released two new singles already this year: January’s ‘Amerta’ and February’s ‘Misteri’. The singer is hinting at big plans in the year ahead, having revealed a new logo, the meaning of which he says will become more apparent as the year goes on.

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