Watch Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder interview crew aboard International Space Station

The frontman teamed up with NASA to celebrate Earth Day

Pearl Jam‘s Eddie Vedder has teamed up with NASA to interview the crew aboard the International Space Station.

The ISS is currently orbiting more than 250 miles above Earth, and onboard are NASA astronauts Kayla Barron, Raja Chari, Thomas Marshburn, and Mark Vande Hei, as well as ESA (European Space Agency) astronaut Matthias Maurer.

Speaking to Vedder yesterday (April 22) in celebration of Earth Day, they shared their thoughts on having a front-row seat to the global effects of climate change; reflected on the stewardship of Earth; and space’s ability to unite everyone.


The interview is the second time the frontman has collaborated with NASA. Last month, Vedder released his ‘Invincible’ music video inspired by NASA’s Artemis I Moon mission. The song is taken from the musician’s recent solo album ‘Earthling’.

You can check out Vedder’s chat with the crew of the ISS below:

Pearl Jam recently confirmed they’ve started working on a new album.

Stone Gossard has said the grunge legends have started sessions on the follow-up to 2020’s ‘Gigaton’ and some tracks have already been recorded.

“We’ve recorded some songs. We’re on our way. We’re making music,” he told Consequence Of Sound last month.


He also confirmed that producer, guitarist and songwriter Andrew Watt, who has a history with Justin Bieber and recently worked on frontman Eddie Vedder‘s album ‘Earthling’, is on board.

“We’re psyched,” Gossard said. “Andrew is a total character. Really, like immediately, we were writing quickly. Spontaneously. Bring in a riff. Let’s knock it out. [Drummer] Matt Cameron is playing his ass off. We didn’t bring any gear down. We were just doing some recording in Andrew’s basement in Beverly Hills, basically. So far, so good.”

Meanwhile, Pearl Jam are set to hit the road for a North American tour in May.

The jaunt will span 19 shows and tickets can be purchased here.

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