Watch Phoebe Bridgers and her dog being interviewed by Seth Meyers

Now for the release of 'Pugisher' please

Phoebe Bridgers appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers on Thursday (March 11), alongside her dog Maxine, to discuss her successful year following the release of her second album ‘Punisher’.

The singer is nominated for four Grammy Awards, with the annual ceremony set to take place tonight (March 14), including Best New Artist, Best Alternative Music Album for ‘Punisher’, Best Rock Song and Best Rock Performance (both for ‘Kyoto’).

Among the topics discussed, including the first ever all-female Best Rock Performance category at this year’s Grammys, was Bridgers’ black pug getting edited out of her recent Vogue magazine cover. “Oh my god, she really did!” the singer responded, while showing off the pet in question for the camera.


Asked about some of the seemingly prescient themes on ‘Punisher’, Bridgers explained: “I feel like I’m always having a hard time. I’m terrified of everything, always think the world’s going to end.

“So I think even if I released my first album around now, people would have thought it was about covid.”

Watch the full interview below.

Elton John backed Bridgers to win a Grammy earlier this week (March 12), saying he will “hit someone” if she doesn’t get a trophy.

Speaking on John’s Apple Music radio show Rocket Hour, the pop icon first praised the singer-songwriter and her second record. “Your album is like an old friend,” he said. “It’s like [Carole King’s] ‘Tapestry’.


“I have records in my life that are reference points and I think ‘Punisher’ is one of those reference points. I can’t pay you a bigger compliment than that.”

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