Watch Playburst perform ‘Big Mouth’ & ‘What’s Wrong With Love?’ on Audiotree

Live footage taken from an intimate 2019 show in Kuala Lumpur

A live video of Malaysian emo quartet Playburst has been featured on Chicago-based artist performance channel Audiotree.

The footage of the band performing ‘Big Mouth’ and ‘What’s Wrong With Love?’ was uploaded on the popular online channel today (August 14).

The performance of the two tracks, taken off their debut album ‘Positive Jams’, was recorded with a smartphone during an intimate show in Kuala Lumpur, at a venue called Seniman Kakao on November 3, 2019. Watch the video below:



Alongside R&B artist Yuna, Playburst is among the first batch of Malaysian musicians to be featured on Audiotree.

“Since touring is basically dead in 2020 because of COVID-19, international bands rarely get the chance to tour the US and do an Audiotree session anyway,” frontman Aidil Rusli told NME.

“So we wrote in, asking what sort of technical requirements they’d need for it, and we sent links to our music and that live video for them to sample what we sound like on record and live. Much to our surprise they actually liked that video and wanted to put that one up!”

Playburst was formed in 2019 by former and current members of bands like Couple, Tools Of The Trade, The Fridays, and Crack Guilty, among others. The band combines elements of ‘90s midwest emo, math rock, hardcore, and punk rock which its members did not explore with their other bands.


In October last year, Playburst launched their debut album following the release of their four-track self-titled EP in June. The cassette format of the EP was also released by US independent label Chillwavve Records the same year.

The video upload of Playburst’s live show was part of Audiotree International, the company’s series that is dedicated to promoting live music from around the world.

The initiative is based on the awareness that many international musicians rarely make it to America, with the situation being compounded by the pandemic that has affected touring musicians and the industry as a whole.

“Music has no borders, and we intend to continue our mission to give talented artists a platform to be seen and heard,” reads the description on the Audiotree International site.

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