Watch Pyra’s epic video for new single ‘Bangkok’

The song is her tribute to Thailand's political activists "who have fought bravely and sacrificed so much for the cause of freedom and democracy"

Thai “dystopian pop” artist Pyra has returned with an intense video for new single ‘Bangkok’.

On ‘Bangkok’, Pyra sing-raps about empowerment and fighting back against the forces that be: “I got a little mantra for you / Anytime you get a little too close / Take the elevator to the top floor / And prepare for impact.”

In a message in the video’s YouTube description, she wrote: “‘Bangkok’ is a tribute to all the missing and deceased political activists who have fought bravely and sacrificed so much for the cause of freedom and democracy in the kingdom of Thailand.


“Although some lives have been lost, hope remains and is passed down to the next generation like wildfire. Never forgotten.”

The ‘Bangkok’ music video, directed by Song Sasawat, features cameos from Headache Stencil, a street artist touted as Thailand’s answer to the British graffiti artist Banksy, and singer-songwriter Ammy of The Bottom Blues.

Thai rapper Dechatorn Bamrungmuang (aka HockHacker) of the group Rap Against Dictatorship also makes an appearance as the missing classmate Headache Stencil pays tribute to with a portrait.

Watch the clip below:

‘Bangkok’, which comes after her two previous singles ‘Plastic World’ and ‘Dystopia’, is another preview of her upcoming album.


All three singles were produced by Los Angeles-based Grammy nominee Sean Hamilton, who has worked with Justin Bieber and H.E.R.

It’s currently unclear when Pyra will release her new album. In August, she told Mixmag Asia that her “whole album is ready and mastered.”

Pyra, real name Peeralada Sukawat, gained international recognition after releasing her track ‘White Lotus’ in 2018. That same year, she released her EP ‘Better Being: Suriya’.

In September, the 27-year-old performed a virtual show for Burning Man Festival – following her 2019 appearance at the event, making her the first Thai artist to play the noted desert festival.