Watch Pyra’s eye-popping music video for ‘Yellow Fever’

"Coming to Asia for some happy endings? Think again"

Thai “dystopian pop” artist Pyra has dropped an eye-popping music video for her latest single ‘Yellow Fever’, featuring Indonesian rapper Ramengvrl and Japanese emcee Yayoi Daimon.

The clip builds on the song’s teardown of Asian fetishisation, and begins with Pyra luring a group of leering sex tourists into a typified Thai go-go bar, where she and her friends reign supreme.

Ramengrvl joins – via the magic of editing – as a figure in an altar, and at one point Pyra dances for “Pyra’s Ping Pong Show” that’s also a game a la Dance Dance Revolution. Watch it below:


“Coming to Asia for some happy endings? Think again,” the artist wrote in the YouTube video description. “This one is for all my Asian girls out there who’ve been asked to do favors to quench the thirst of em’ pervs.”

In a statement, Pyra elaborated on the context of the video: “Some men travel to Thailand for happy endings in Soi Cowboy. Some men travel to Tokyo hoping to end up in some Shinjuku love hotels with Japanese girls they saw on Pornhub. Yet the first thing they say to local girls is ‘Ni Hao’.

“The fetishism of Asian bodies and cultural insensitivity is high. Asian women are often seen as submissive and I want to change that. So many women are leaders, CEOs, business owners now. People have to refresh the stereotype imagery they have in their heads.”

Last week, the NME 100 artist performed ‘Yellow Fever’ live for the first time for NME’s Girls To The Front online special for International Women’s Day 2021.


Her last solo single ‘Bangkok’ was released in October 2020. It was dedicated to Thai political activists who died or went missing while fighting “for the cause of freedom and democracy” in Thailand.

Last year, Pyra also guested on Ramengvrl’s track ‘Foreign’, which appeared on the latter’s 2020 debut album ‘Can’t Speak English’.