Watch Sheryl Sheinafia’s acoustic performance of ‘Pick Up Your Phone’ with Rendy Pandugo

Off her recently released album, ‘Jennovine’

Indonesian singer-songwriter Sheryl Sheinafia has released a new acoustic performance video of ‘Pick Up Your Phone’ with fellow singer-songwriter Rendy Pandugo.

The acoustic performance was released earlier today (January 20) and features the two musicians playing the track on guitar with each other.

Throughout the light-hearted video, Sheinafia and Pandugo have a couple of hilarious slip-ups, leading to the censoring of cuss words and chuckles. But the pair power through and keep performing through the hiccups.


Watch Sheinafia and Pandugo perform ‘Pick Up Your Phone’ below.


The original version of ‘Pick Up Your Phone’ is the closing track of Sheinafia’s third studio album, ‘Jennovine’, which was released on Friday, January 15 after a slew of singles released in November and December last year.

The pop/R&B record sees Sheinafia refine her musical chops following the release of her self-titled debut and sophomore albums in 2009 and 2017, respectively. It also marks her return to her roots in music after branching out to work as a film actress and TV host.

Besides Pandugo, ‘Jennovine’ also features guest appearances from rapper A. Nayaka and singer-songwriter Pamungkas, who contribute to ‘Lose My Mind’ and ‘House or Home’ respectively.


Stream Sheryl Sheinafia’s ‘Jennovine’ below.

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