Watch Sheryl Sheinafia’s emotive music video for new single ‘Earn It’

The brooding electro-pop number is “an ode to second chances,” says the singer-songwriter

Indonesian singer-songwriter Sheryl Sheinafia has shared a music video for her latest single titled ‘Earn It’.

Sheinafia issued the track on Friday (January 28) on streaming platforms via label EMPIRE alongside a new music video. This is Sheinafia’s second release on the US label after November’s ‘Want Ur Love’.

‘Earn It’ sees Sheinafia returning to collaborate with production duo Happie and Chaz “Tha Aristocrats” Jackson.


The song digs heavily into regret and redemption. Over brooding electro-pop production, Sheinafia recounts a relationship that went south, and its chorus forms a plea from someone desperate to save it.

Will you let me earn it? / No, I don’t deserve it / Cause you know that it won’t be easy I know / I know that you don’t trust me no more,” she sings.

The track’s accompanying music video sees Sheinafia frolicking with an on-screen partner on a soundstage, which takes the hyperreal form of a barren desert. Watch it below.

In an Instagram post, Sheinafia said ‘Earn It’ is “an ode to second chances,” revealing that the song holds personal meaning for her. “Insecurity and uncertainty become the main themes for ‘Earn It’, as those qualities are the greatest travesty any love has to face,” she wrote.

“[This] song is my attempt of building a pillar of trust, and understanding— a call for me and my partner to restore our frequencies that have gone adrift.”


Last November, Sheinafia revealed her signing to EMPIRE with ‘Want Ur Love’, making her the latest Indonesian artist to join its roster after Afgan and KIM!.