Watch Sunset Rollercoaster’s animated video for their ‘Impossible Isle’ EP

The EP will be available on 7-inch vinyl starting September 4

Sunset Rollercoaster have dropped the music video for their mini EP with Japanese indie rock quintet Never Young Beach called ‘Impossible Isle’.

The animated video features the mini album’s two tracks – ‘Impossible Isle’ and ‘Konnichiwa’ – and shows someone’s journey to her escapade. The first part of the visual sees a woman by herself in her home, looking at the world outside. She later on decides to hop on a motorbike and drive through the city and through the woods to reach her paradise.

The latter part finds the woman at the beach, slowly taking in the beauty surrounding her. She went on to simply enjoy some quiet alone time sunbathing, cliff diving and floating on the ocean.


The band tapped Bernardo Britto and Alexa Lim Haas for the visual project, who served as directors and animators. They also sought the help of Magda Gourinchas and Eron Hare for the 3D and rough animation, respectively.

The ‘Impossible Isle’ EP, released last August 12, is the last of the five collaborative mini albums that Sunset Rollercoaster have recently put out. The initial releases include ‘Little Balcony’ with Phum Viphurit, ‘Chicago’ with Layton Wu, ‘Subtropical South’ with Michael Seyer and ‘Posture and Attitude’ with Edison Song and O3ohn.

All tracks from these records were compiled into an album, released last August 19. Each EP will be made available on 7-inch vinyl format on September 4.