Watch Tarsius’ hypnotic video for ‘Disco Manila’ featuring Vex Ruffin

With street scenes of Quezon City and crate-digging in a thrift shop

Filipino electronic group Tarsius have released a video for their single ‘Disco Manila’.

Featuring Filipino-American beatmaker Vex Ruffin, the track was released in October 2020. It is described as “a tropical industrial meeting of the minds with their shared love of OPM (Original Pilipino Music)”.

The video superimposes Ruffin over the streets of Quezon City, interspersed with some scenes of crate digging at the Angel Spirits Thrift House. Directed by Wes Africa and Ryan Africa, the hypnotic video and its overlapping images match the song’s heady percussive beats.


Watch it below:

Tarsius are Diego Mapa on sampler and Jay Gapasin on drums. Their latest album, ‘Culture Cow’, was released in May 2020. In August, NME named it one of the best Southeast Asian albums of 2020 at that point, with writer Aldus Santos praising how its “glitches turn to glyphs, the beats turn to tribal calls, and they all point towards collapse and ruin”.

Last year, Ruffin also released his latest album, the nostalgic ‘LiteAce Frequency’. In an interview with NME, Ruffin discussed his influences, saying that he “listened to a lot of Juan Dela Cruz Band”.

“I know I don’t sound like them, but I just wanted to get that vibe. I was also listening to VST & Co., Hotdog, Sampaguita. Just the whole Manila Sound. I love all of it. And the Eraserheads!” he told NME.