Watch Taufik Batisah sing Singapore’s 2022 National Day song, ‘Stronger Together’

He last performed 2005’s theme, ‘Reach Out For The Skies’

The theme song for Singapore’s 2022 National Day celebrations has been revealed, and has been performed by singer-songwriter Taufik Batisah.

The track – and its accompanying music video – was released on Thursday (June 2). The uplifting song features composition and production by veteran Don Richmond, as well as supporting vocals from The Island Voices.

The ‘Stronger Together’ video sees Batisah sing along to the track with scenes of different groups of Singaporeans going about their day. The video ends with Taufik Batisah and a group of people dancing along to the song under the night sky against Singapore’s skyline.


Watch the music video for ‘Stronger Together’ below.

The song’s catchy chorus features the lyrics “We are fire / Through the night / We’re the light into the morning after / Through the wire / In this fight / And from the flames we will soar forever / We will rise / Rise / We rise stronger together”.

In a press statement, Batisah revealed that the song “really resonated” with him upon first hearing it. “It felt like a song of celebration. It felt like a song that a lot of Singaporeans can relate to. It felt like it was our song that we can celebrate to this year”.

He added: “I hope this song can inspire people, give them a bit of inspiration to push through, to come together, to work together. If you are facing some challenges in your life, we are definitely stronger together.”

Taufik Batisah – Singapore’s inaugural Singapore Idol winner – last performed the 2005 National Day theme, ‘Reach Out For The Skies’ alongside Rui En.


Last year’s National Day theme, ‘The Road Ahead’ was performed by singer-songwriters SezairiLinyingShye and Shabir. The track also featured production from evanturetime.