Watch Teza Sumendra’s suspenseful music video for ‘Forever’

The picturesque music video turns to a cinematic thriller

Indonesian singer-songwriter Teza Sumendra has released a new single and music video for ‘Forever’.

The track – and its accompanying music video – were released onto streaming platforms on Friday, July 2. The cinematic Handreas Stefano-directed video is a continuation of Sumendra’s ‘Rekreasi’, which dropped in January.

The ‘Forever’ video depicts the aftermath of the night out that was chronicled in ‘Rekreasi’. Its lead, portrayed by Hayati Azis, wakes up to find that her live-in partner might be an impostor, whose behaviour becomes unsettling and even dangerous.


Watch the music video for ‘Forever’ below.

Like its music video, ‘Forever’ tells the story of the challenges of a no-strings-attached relationship, where one falls for the other and complicates the arrangement. The song also touches upon finding peace within ourselves and not having to rely on others for anything.

‘Forever’ is a groovy, soul-tinged R&B cut from the Indonesian musician. Teza’s voice is balanced against bright guitar licks, synths, and funky basslines.

Teza Sumendra made his debut in 2014 with the single ‘Come Closer’, followed by his self-titled debut album in 2015. The following year, he released an extended version of the album, featuring several remixes. Prior to the release of ‘Forever’ and ‘Rekreasi’, Teza’s last release was the 2019 single ‘WKNDCRUISIN”.

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