Watch The Buildings’ video for ‘Flesh and Code’, which was made with ‘The Sims’

Ahead of the Filipino indie-rock quartet's upcoming album 'Heaven is a Long Exhale'

Filipino indie-rock quartet The Buildings have dropped a music video for their track ‘Flesh and Code’ that they made using The Sims.

The video, which arrived on YouTube on Sunday (May 2), is the final teaser of their upcoming album ‘Heaven is a Long Exhale’, which drops on June 7 in Japan.

Directed by artist Pat Kay Laudencia, the music video was shot in the life simulation computer game The Sims 4 – appropriate for the song’s musings on reality and “the stencil economy“.


Watch the music video below.

“It wasn’t intentional to have a video game theme, but we’ve been indoors a lot all the past year because of the pandemic, and games are one of the ways we get out of the house without physically leaving,” vocalist Mariah Reodica said in a press statement.

“Even making the album was a bit like a game, putting pieces together like a puzzle, all of us working together online, so it makes sense to us.”

The ‘Flesh And Code’ video continues The Buildings’ nods to the internet and virtual reality as they roll out the red carpet for ‘Heaven Is A Long Exhale’. Last year, the band used game creation tool RPG Maker to produce the music video for ‘Climb Over the Gate’.


Next month, The Buildings will also team up with online club promoters Club Matryoshka to hold their release party in sandbox game Minecraft. The release party will feature a custom-designed club and will take place both inside Minecraft and through live streaming platform Twitch.

Aside from The Buildings, the event will also feature performances from Tokyo punk band P-iPLE, and Fukuoka indie-rock group Sacoyans, and more.

‘Heaven Is A Long Exhale’ is The Buildings’ second studio album and the follow-up to 2016’s ‘Cell-O-Phane’. The quartet – which includes Reodica, guitarist Alyana Cabral, drummer Kean Reformado, and bassist Dominic Zinampan – announced the new full-length in February with its title track.

In March, The Buildings previewed other new material from ‘Heaven Is A Long Exhale’ in a performance for NME’s Girls To The Front online show for International Women’s Day. Check it out below: