Watch Shelhiel’s futuristic music video for ‘Star 星’

The video also features cameos from NYK, Lunadira, Reddi Rocket, I-SKY and more

Malaysian pop artist Shelhiel has released a hyper-futuristic new music video for his song ‘Star 星’.

The Nelson Chong-directed music video premiered on YouTube on Saturday, July 10. Shelhiel, who created the video’s concept, also worked on developing its 3D environment alongside Shanghai artist Cattin Tsai.

The music video for ‘Star 星’ tells the story of an angel who gets distracted from his duties and ends up searching for love at a party. Throughout the course of the video, he comes to the realisation that all he really needs are his friends who have been with him from the start.


The video also features cameo appearances from Shelhiel’s friends and past collaborators: Kelly Lim, Skye Lai, NYK, I-SKY, Lunadira, Reddi Rocket, Saint Kylo, Bwenda, Sheldon and Kent Lee.

Watch the music video for Shelhiel’s ‘Star 星’ below.

‘Star 星’ features on Shelhiel’s six-track debut EP, ‘Superstrobe’, which dropped last November. The EP landed on NME’s list of the 25 best Asian albums of 2020, and was praised for “navigating the spectrum of pain and pleasure with piercing intimacy – and great accessibility”.

When NME spoke to Shelhiel in December, the musician said that he was working on music videos for ‘Superstrobe’. “I think it’s a process of learning how to make things work while not being super perfectionist – but also wanting to really execute a vision,” he said.

He also spoke about his vision of Malaysian pop, or ‘M-pop’. “I guess the new M-pop that I want to push is… something that Malaysians do, where we just celebrate each other,” he said. “It can be Chinese, English, or Malay, or it can be a mixture, like me, trying to do something new. But it can always still be M-pop.”


Shelhiel made his debut in 2019 with the single ‘Do You’, followed by a viral collaboration with NYK for ‘AAA’ and a separate standalone single ‘Don’t Play!’ in May last year.

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