Watch the glitchy video for .Feast’s new ‘Kelelawar’ remix

The song, featuring Karaeng Adjie, was originally released in 2017

Indonesian rock band .Feast have released a a new remix of ‘Kelelawar’, their 2017 song featuring Karaeng Adjie.

The remix, which arrived today (March 19), trades in the original track’s punchy guitar riffs and snappy drums for a darker, more electronic sound. The newly released remix for ‘Kelelawar’ also comes with a dizzying new music video.

The music video comes with a warning for “bright, rapidly flashing colours”, and viewer discretion is advised. Watch it below.


On Instagram, the band described the remix as “revisi final fix banget”, or the “really final revision” of the track. The newly released remix is the second rework to come out since the original song dropped in 2017.

The first remix, titled ‘Kelelawar (Revisi Final Fix Banget)’, was released in 2019 but mainly retained most of the original tune’s feel. Listen to the 2019 remix below.

Prior to the release of this new ‘Kelelawar’ remix, .Feast dropped a music video for ‘Cicilan 12 Bulan (Iklan)’ in February. The Malino Nirvana-directed video saw the band lash out against consumerism and hypebeast culture. The track was part of the band’s 2020 mini-album, ‘Uang Muka’.

In an interview with NME, the band said that the mini-album would serve as a taste of things to come in the band’s next full-length studio project.


In related news, Baskara Putra – who is also the frontman of .Feast – is currently working on the debut album with Lomba Sihir, the band that works with him on his solo material as Hindia. The album is due for release later this year and will be inspired by ’80s pop.

Two singles from the album have been released: ‘Hati dan Paru-Paru’ and ‘Apa Ada Asmara’.