Watch The Itchyworms’ stop-motion short film for ‘The Life I Know’

Released as part of the Filipino band's 25th anniversary celebrations

Filipino pop-rock band The Itchyworms have released a new stop-motion short film named after their song, ‘The Life I Know’, to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

The short film premiered on YouTube yesterday (July 7). Directed by the band’s former manager Marie Jamora and Jason McLagan, the video is soundtracked by the song of the same name, which the band released last year.

The film tells the story of Awit, a toddler who grows closer to her mother every day as a single child. As she grows up, Awit’s mother conceives another child, putting a strain on their bond – but Awit learns to accept her sibling in order to reconnect with her mother.


Watch the short film for ‘The Life I Know’ below.


“Being a new mother myself and remembering the experience of having a baby in my own womb, I always wondered what was going on inside, whether there was a different universe that my baby lived in,” said Jamora in a press release. “This all inspired and informed me for our video. I don’t think I would have ever thought of this concept if I didn’t go through this experience.”

‘The Life I Know’ also showcases the traditional Filipino art of weaving. The Dream World depicted in the latter half of the short film is backdropped by the textures and patterns in the style of T’Boli Dream Weavers.

“This fundamentally links the characters to the Dream World, which we also designed to evoke the feeling and patterns of a womb,” said animator Cami Kwan.


This short film is the first glimpse into The Itchyworms’ celebration plans for their 25th anniversary. Other planned releases include a new single, ‘Eto Na’, a music video for ‘Waiting For The End To Start’, a mockumentary, and a podcast series.

The Itchyworms have released five studio albums to date, with their latest release being last year’s ‘Waiting For The End To Start’. The band followed up the album’s release with a two-track Christmas EP entitled ‘Christmas Starts When The Bers Begin’.

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