Watch the music video for Lava La Rue’s new single ‘Vest & Boxers’

The musician and visual artist evokes the excitement and confusion that arrive after first dates

Lava La Rue has released a music video for their brand new single titled ‘Vest & Boxers’, their first single of 2022.

The single was released last Friday (January 28) with its music video premiering on the same day. In ‘Vest & Boxers’, La Rue evokes the excitement and confusion that arrive after dating someone new as a queer person.

They recount a first date that went well, but they quickly find themself spiraling into a fantasy of “dancing round her living room” and being “the Rue to your Jules” with their date.


I swear it’s only been 2 days / But I’m thinking you the One / Honey, now what do ya say? / Did we mess up? / Caught feelings / On first dates / Ain’t been home in a hot while / I’m thinking I might just stay?” they sing.

The music video of ‘Vest & Boxers’ – directed by filmmaking duo Bedroom – captures these torrential feelings through a sequence of colourful scenes that quickly turn surreal and nightmarish. Watch it below.

La Rue issued a statement about ‘Vest & Boxers’, which they said was written as a “queer anthem” about “what dating was like for myself and my teen lesbian/nblw [non-binary loving women] friends growing up.”

“I reference all the little moments we joke about – not knowing if you’re on a date or just meeting up as friends, walking into their bedroom for the first time and thinking how good it smells, not coming home for 2 days after the first night together and deciding to just move in. We were all guilty of it!”

“Vest & Boxers is what we would refer to as our ‘dyke uniform’,” they continued. “We’d wear it under our baggy denim/oversized suits with the waist band showing as a little signal to all the other gays in the room.”


Last year, La Rue released their sophomore EP ‘Butter-Fly’. In a four-star review by NME, Charlotte Krol wrote that the five-track release “revels tonally and thematically in Laurel’s first flush of love, and being its voyager is a rewarding experience.”