Watch the music video for Thai R&B singler GALCHANIE’s debut singles ‘HIDE’ and ‘Yok Yai’

The 19-year-old singer deals with a toxic relationship in her new twin single

Thai label Yupp! Entertainment has debuted their latest artist GALCHANIE with a music video for the double single ‘HIDE’ and ‘Yok Yai’.

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The R&B singer released the music video for the twin single on August 26, with GALCHANIE sharing in a press statement: “The overall mood of these two songs is completely different, but when I listen to them in order, the stories are connected in some ways. The music video takes the verses from ‘HIDE’ as the beginning, and then ‘Yok Yai’, which I want everyone to go out and live their lives.”


‘HIDE’ recounts GALCHANIE’s own personal experience with a toxic relationship, where she kept her feelings hidden from people around her, while ‘Yok Yai’ is inspired by the theme of “going out into the world without having to worry about anything,” recovering to deal with your problems.

Watch the music video for GALCHANIE’s ‘Hide’ and ‘Yok Yai’ below.

The music video for the twin singles was shot overnight, GALCHANIE also revealed in her statement. The 19-year-old singer described her debut as a “dream come true”, though no mention was made of future releases.

In an introduction video posted ahead of ‘HIDE’ and ‘Yok Yai’s release, GALCHANIE described her struggles with mental health, sharing: “The most difficult time was when I didn’t understand why I was born. To encounter this kind of thing, both verbal and non-verbal, I cried every day.”

“I even thought that if I wasn’t here, I would be happier. I can do anything. I can be anything I want to be.”


Yupp! Entertainment, home to artists Autta and MILLI, previously debuted singer-songwriter Flower.far with her single titled ‘Like A Fool’ back in April. A music student at Thailand’s Mahidol University, Flower.far was signed to the label as a trainee in October last year and covered Thai artist Ink Warunton‘s single ‘ดีใจด้วยนะ (Congratulations)’ in March as a part of the label’s Yupp!Cover series.