Watch the music video for Zild’s energetic new single, ‘Apat’

"It’s about seizing the moment – staying in the present and not worrying about what comes tomorrow"

Zild Benitez has released a brand new solo single, titled ‘Apat’.

The track – and its accompanying music video – arrived today (February 25). The track was released on Rico Blanco‘s record label, Balcony Entertainment.

‘Apat’ features bouncy and catchy drum fills and punchy guitar chords, which greatly complement Zild’s voice. The combination of the track’s energetic instrumentals and Zild’s emotionally charged performance is reminiscent of his work with his band IV Of Spades.


Watch the music video for ‘Apat’, which was directed by RALIUG (aka Daniel Aguilar) and creative directed by Zild:

The music video for ‘Apat’ follows a group of four friends, who hang out after school and follow the same routine – they enter a forest, change out of their uniforms, dance around for a bit, and play Ding-Dong Ditch.

The group eventually dwindles to just one person who sticks to the routine as the rest move on with their lives.

The theme of the music video aligns with the story that Zild wanted to tell through his lyrics. “’Apat’ is a song about friendships you formed during your youth that grow apart,” said Zild in a press release. “It’s about seizing the moment – staying in the present and not worrying about what comes tomorrow.”

He went on to add that the track “comes from the same place that inspired ‘Kyusi’” and is “heavily-based on acoustic, nylon, and baritone guitars”. “I really wanted the music to have that nostalgic-vibe to match what I was saying,” he said.


‘Apat’ is the second single that Zild has released this year, following ‘Kyusi’, which dropped earlier this month. Both singles will be part of an upcoming album that Benitez is working on. The record will feature a more “organic” approach to music as Zild returns to a back-to-basics sound with traditional instruments rather than electronics.

Last year, Zild released his debut solo album ‘Homework Machine’, which landed at No. 2 of NME‘s best Asian albums of 2020. He also released two singles – ‘Luha Ng Lupa’ and ‘Ibang Planeta’ – before the year ended.