Watch the official trailer for upcoming Frank Zappa documentary ‘Zappa’

Made with approval from Zappa's estate

The official trailer for the forthcoming “expansive” Frank Zappa documentary Zappa has dropped today (October 29).

The Alex Winter-directed documentary – set for release on November 27 via Magnolia Films – has long been in the works, and looks to showcase the life and work of the unclassifiable composer and guitar icon, Zappa, using never-before-seen home films, live footage and interviews from the Zappa archives.

The trailer opens with Zappa introducing a song at a live show, embodying the nature of the eccentric musician.


“This is a number we always play when people ask us to play more, because we know that after we play this they couldn’t possibly ever want to hear us again,” he says.

Watch the trailer below:

The film had been due to premiere at the since-cancelled SXSW Festival earlier this year.

Ahead of its originally-scheduled debut, Zappa’s son and estate trustee Ahmet Zappa said in an interview with Rolling Stone, “This film is by far the most intimate and expansive look into the innovative life of Frank Zappa, narrated by Frank in his own words. It’s quite unbelievable what Alex has achieved. This is the definitive Frank Zappa documentary.”

On the film, Winter also said, “The film is filled with surprises for fans, but I think they will be most struck by the intimacy and a real sense of who Zappa actually was.”


The documentary was fully crowdfunded via Kickstarter, amassing more than US$1,200,000 from 8,000 backers in just 30 days.