Watch the psychedelic music video for Bryan Estepa’s ‘Trick of the Light’

Estepa evokes classic pop harmonies and alt-rock unease

Filipino-Australian artist Bryan Estepa has made his first move of 2021, releasing a new single titled ‘Trick of the Light’ via Lilystars Records with an accompanying music video.

Originally released onto streaming platforms on Jan 15, the track has now gotten a music video directed by Nicholas Banicevic, who also worked with the singer-songwriter for his last single, ‘Admit Now, Pay Later’.

It features Estepa singing and playing guitar alone as grimy, acid-laced projections flash over him. Watch it below.


The single deals with the inevitability of life’s tumultuousness, with Estepa elaborating on the song’s poignant meaning in a statement: “I like the idea that the presence of light does not necessarily signal happiness or life but can also mean that emotions and perception can be blurred by its appearance.”

‘Trick of the Light’ was recorded in collaboration with fellow Australian singer-songwriter Josh Pyke. Pyke produced both the new track as well as ‘Admit Now, Pay Later’.

In a press release, Pyke adds that Estepa’s “lyrics are really authentic and heartfelt and for me that’s the key of a good song.”

‘Trick of the Light’ marks the latest activity from Estepa, whose sixth album ‘Sometimes I Just Don’t Know’ was released in 2019.

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