Watch The Strokes’ Julian Casablancas throw first pitch at New York Mets game

Casablancas was in attendance as the Mets faced off against the Atlanta Braves

The StrokesJulian Casablancas showed his baseball skills off yesterday (July 26) as he threw out  the first pitch at today’s New York Mets game against the Atlanta Braves.

The singer showed off his skills during the start of the game, although Strokes fans were left momentarily worrying after the game’s broadcaster mistakenly referred to Casablancas as the “former” lead singer of the Strokes.

A rep for Julian Casablancas has since confirmed that the comment was made in error.


Speaking during a mid-game interview, Casablancas also reflected on attending his first Mets game as a child in the Mid-1980s alongside future bandmate Nikolai Fracture.

“I didn’t actually compute that people are actually watching a baseball game, they probably don’t wanna hear my B.S,” Casablancas subsequently joked.

Baseball aside, Casablancas also showed off his passion for football, or soccer, earlier this month. He controversially accused Raheem Sterling of diving to secure a penalty in England’s crunch Euro 2020 semi-finals victory against Denmark.

Last month, The Strokes also previewed a new song called ‘Starting Again’ in a commercial for New York mayoral candidate Maya Wiley.

The band have been very vocal about their support for Wiley, who is attempting to become New York’s first woman mayor. In May, they performed a benefit livestream, and then an in-person concert for Wiley earlier this month.


Casablancas co-wrote the new track with New Radicals’ Gregg Alexander, who also co-produced the song with David Kahne.

“In an era of voter suppression and mega donors dismantling democracy, it’s crucial to remember New York City is too important to risk handing the reins of America’s most diverse metropolis to the same kind of party machine that’s controlled NY’s governance for most of the 20th century… one of Brooklyn clubhouse politics, big real-estate money, and mutual back-scratching,” Casablancas and Alexander said in a joint statement.

“It is time we elect Maya as the city’s first woman mayor to make things better for ALL of our futures.”

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