Watch The Sugar Spun’s restless music video for ‘Madhouse’

The Indonesian band's debut album ‘A Thousand Tiny Thoughts’ is out today

Indonesian indie rock trio The Sugar Spun have released a music video for their single ‘Madhouse’.

The visual arrived ahead of the release of the band’s first full-length album ‘A Thousand Tiny Thoughts’ today (October 15).

The chaotic and restless music video captures the song’s message perfectly, as vocalist Fathir sings: “I still hear people talking but there’s no one here / Staring at the ceiling, wondering why I’m here / No hope generation saves me / But the pressure is getting harder and it’s exploding me.”


Watch the music video below:

‘Madhouse’ carries the same theme of self-isolation as previously released singles ‘Sugarsnap’ and ‘Can’t You See Mama?’, which is perhaps unsurprising given that three of them band’s members underwent self-isolation in the same house at the beginning of the pandemic earlier this year.

Released on record label Orange Cliff, ‘A Thousand Tiny Thoughts’ is composed of 10 songs, which also includes the three-piece band’s 2020 single ‘Ocean Tides’. They collaborated with fellow Indonesian artists Sbplusix and Jasmine Risach for newer tracks ‘Leave The Womb’ and ‘Have I Ever Not A Time’, respectively.

Listen to the full album here:



The Sugar Spun – with members Fathir, Rashief (drums) and Gilang Dhafir (bass) – released their first EP ‘All The Tracks Based On My Feelings And This Is What It Looks Like’ in 2019. They also dropped the singles ‘Trapped In The Ice’ and ‘Adegan Ranjang 1981-1982’ last year.