Watch the surreal music video for Danilla Riyadi’s ‘Dalam Nirvana’

The latest release from her album 'Pop Seblay'

Indonesian singer-songwriter Danilla Riyadi has released the music video for ‘Dalam Nirvana’, the latest single from her third album ‘Pop Seblay’.

The six-minute music video takes viewers on a surreal trip as it takes us through the fallout of what appears to be an abusive relationship. A dazed Danilla makes her way through several dreamlike scenes, including a cowboy dancing in an empty swimming pool, a person in an elephant costume flanked by policemen, and a African tribesman who seems to guide her through the journey.

“Mengurai cerita tentang di balik dunia kita / Terdapat dunia yang s’lalu didambakan,” : “Unraveling the story about behind our world / There is a world that’s always been coveted,” Danilla sings as she walks her way through a hazy world.


Watch the music video for ‘Dalam Nirvana’ below.

‘Pop Seblay’ is Riyadi’s third full-length album, and was released earlier this year in February. It marked her first full-length album of original material in five years. The record included singles such as ‘MPV’ and ‘KIW’.

In an interview the singer-songwriter shared with NME earlier in March, Riyadi shared that the record was “the most jokey album” she had ever made, with lyrics that focus on her “bandmates and their mischief”. “The [lyrical narratives] might seem horrendous, but I feel like nothing is ugly as long as we deliver it as properly as possible,” she shared.

In May last year, the singer-songwriter dropped the 80s-inspired album, ‘Peluh, Gairah & Kelana’, under the band alias of Danilla and The Glamors. The record featured eight disco remakes of tracks from Riyadi’s discography.