Watch The Weeknd’s new alternate video for ‘Can’t Feel My Face’

It's been shared to celebrate the sixth birthday of 'Beauty Behind The Madness'

The Weeknd has shared a new alternate video for ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ to celebrate six years of his second album – watch it below.

Abel Tesfaye’s record ‘Beauty Behind The Madness’ came out this week in 2015, and the singer has taken the opportunity to celebrate the milestone.

The official video for ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ in 2015 saw The Weeknd perform the song to a sparse and apathetic audience in a hotel lounge, before they perk up after the singer is set alight.


The new video, however, is a steamier affair, with sex, drugs and rock’n’roll in a dingy nightclub.

According to a rep for The Weeknd, this newly shared video was the original concept for the ‘I Can’t Feel My Face’ video, but was changed to the hotel scene “due to a shift in creative direction.”

Watch the new alternate video below:

In other celebrations, The Weeknd recently brought his mixtape ‘Thursday’ to streaming platforms to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

New music from the singer is also coming, with Tesfaye saying last week that his fifth studio album should be done by the end of the month.


After The Weeknd’s ‘After Hours’ era concluded earlier this year, the singer shared a new track called ‘Take My Breath’.

Reviewing the songNME wrote: “As the beginning of The Weeknd’s new era, ‘Take My Breath’ is a strong first step – a song that should become as much of a pop mainstay as any of ‘After Hours’’s smashes.

“What’s most intriguing about it, though, is what it’s not telling us; what is going to come next. For that, we’ll have to wait – but at least Tesfaye’s given us something new to dance to in the meantime.”

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