Watch XG’s futuristic, space-themed video for ‘Left Right’

The track was released alongside ‘Shooting Star’ in January

XG have dropped a vibrant, space-themed video for their single ‘Left Right’.

The glitzy visual was released on the septet’s YouTube channel, and depicts the group performing the group on various colourful sets aboard a retro-futuristic spacecraft, inspired by ‘60s and ‘70s design aesthetics.

Watch the energetic clip for ‘Left Right’ below.


The track was released in late January as a double single alongside ‘Shooting Star’, which served as the septet’s third release following their 2022 singles, namely their March debut ‘Tippy Toes’ and June’s ‘Mascara’.

In an interview with NME, Cocona explained that the double single revolves around the main theme of “[trusting] yourself and [being] what you want to be”. Whereas ‘Shooting Star’ concerns the group’s dream of becoming “world-class artists”, ‘Left Right’ touches on their determination to “push forward without being influenced by others”.

An abbreviation for ‘Xtraordinary Girls’, the South Korea-based Japanese girl group – consisting of Juria, Chisa, Hinata, Harvey, Jurin, Maya and Cocona – first rose to prominence with their ‘GALZ XYPHER’ YouTube performance, which depicted the latter four members taking turns to rap over instrumentals from J.I.D and Rosalia songs in English, Korean and Japanese.

The clip became viral on TikTok, garnering over 14 million views and attracting the attention of Thai rapper MILLI and Jackson Wang, who proclaimed the group as “the future”.

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