Watch YAØ manage his insomnia in music video for ‘I Can’t Sleep’

A new teaser for the Singaporean singer-songwriter’s upcoming album ‘Broke Pop Kids’

Singaporean singer-songwriter YAØ has dropped a soothing single titled ‘I Can’t Sleep’ with an accompanying music video.

The self-produced single marks YAØ’s debut with Universal Music Singapore, and touches on restless nights caused by everyday anxiety. The track is also the opening teaser to his upcoming album ‘Broke Pop Kids’, which the songs alludes to in its chorus: “I can’t sleep / Tossing and turning, we’re just broke pop kids in the city.”

The hypnotic video, directed by Jasper Tan of Vadbibes and premiered on May 14, captures the night-owl artist blowing off steam in his bedroom at night, before he proceeds to roam Singapore’s neighbourhood parks and nightclubs in search of genuine connection.


Watch the music video below.

YAØ said he penned ‘I Can’t Sleep’ during a listless night in an effort to keep his head above water in a fast-paced Singaporean society, adding the song was therapeutic despite adding hours to his sleep debt.

“I think, sometimes, it’s important to take that frustration and put it into something more positive, like taking care of oneself and appreciating the simple things in life,” he said in a press release.

YAØ added the song also expresses his feelings about growing up in Singapore.

“We are all influenced by worldly things that distract us from being able to find peace,” he said.


“On top of that, we are surrounded by a very status and money-driven lifestyle here in Singapore. I think that’s one main reason why I decided to write this song as well: to highlight this problem that’s happening in our society.”

YAØ, real name Ng Zheng Yao, released his debut EP ‘Love & City Lights’ in September 2019. The same year, he clinched the New Kid On The Block award in Singapore’s inaugural *SCAPE Youth Music Awards.

In September last year, YAØ featured on Singaporean producer Evanturetime’s single ‘Love Is’ alongside electro-pop outfit HE1ST. It received a nomination for Single of the Year at the *SCAPE Youth Music Awards 2021.

Prior to ‘Love Is’, YAØ released the songs ‘Morning Dance’ and ‘Moonlight’ in 2020.