Watch Zild Benitez perform an acoustic rendition of ‘Kyusi’

'Kyusi' will appear on his upcoming sophomore solo album

Zild Benitez has unveiled an acoustic rendition of ‘Kyusi’, his first single of 2021.

The performance was initially live-streamed as part of Juan Big Idea 2021, a virtual conference by the Philippine Junior Marketing Association.

Watch Benitez perform the song, backed by guitarists Tim and Sam Marquez and drummer Daniel Monong, below.


‘Kyusi’ was originally issued ahead of Valentine’s Day, signalling a different direction for the artist after the chiptune-influenced songs of his 2020 debut ‘Homework Machine’.

“‘Kyusi’ is a song that reminisces my 18-year-old self experiencing love in a simpler and innocent way,” Benitez said in a press statement. “It’s a song that I wrestled with if I should tell specific stories or hide in metaphors once again. I think ‘Kyusi’ captures the emotion of going back to a memory that I will never experience again.”

The IV of Spades member followed this single with ‘Apat’. Both tracks will be included in his sophomore solo album. The as-of-yet untitled effort does not currently have a release date.

Both songs were recorded with “organic” instruments, a deliberate choice signalling a back-to-basics approach. “I really wanted the music to have that nostalgic-vibe to match what I was saying,” he said of ‘Apat’.

Last year, Zild released his debut solo album ‘Homework Machine’, which landed at No. 2 of NME‘s list of the best Asian albums of 2020. He also released two songs – ‘Luha Ng Lupa’ and ‘Ibang Planeta’ – before the year ended.