Watch Zild perform ‘Huminga’ track ‘Paalam Mahal’ live with his band

With the help of a four-piece band

Zild Benitez has shared a new live performance of ‘Paalam Mahal’, a song from his latest album ‘Huminga’.

The video, which premiered on Sunday (August 15) on Zild’s YouTube page, shows the artist in the studio with his four-piece live band. The set-up is identical to their live performance of ‘Huminga’ for the recent MYX Global Awards.

Watch the performance, shot by Daniel Aguilar and Andrew Aquino, below.


‘Huminga’ was originally released in April. It is Zild’s second solo album, following 2020’s ‘Homework Machine’. On August 6, Zild celebrated the one-year anniversary of his debut album on social media. “Today is the first birthday of this ecq-core quarantine album,” he wrote.

In an interview with NME, Zild spoke about the directions he took making ‘Huminga’ as compared to his solo debut. “This time around, I feel like I touched on experiences I haven’t tapped for material before: specific stories like experiencing love for the first time, growing apart from your friends, isolation,” he shared.

At the recent MYX Global Awards, which was held on August 7, Zild was nominated for Rock Video of the Year for ‘Homework Machine’ single, ‘Dila’. The award ultimately went to rock band COLN and Dale Jairus for their collaborative track, ‘Lakas’.

Zild is also a member of the trio IV Of Spades, who have been on hiatus since last August. Last month, however, the band launched a merchandise collection in collaboration with the brand Team Manila.