Watch Zild perform ‘Kyusi’ live on the Wish 107.5 Bus

Following his performance of ‘Bungantulog’ in March

Wish 107.5 has shared a new video of Zild Benitez performing ‘Kyusi’ on the Wish 107.5 Bus.

The video, which was uploaded onto the radio station’s official YouTube page yesterday (July 5), is believed to have been recorded in March, alongside Benitez’s performance of ‘Bungantulog’, which was shared months ago.

The performance, like ‘Bungantulog’, features Zild’s four-piece live band. It also includes an extended intro to the song that is not heard on the track’s official release.


Watch the live performance of ‘Kyusi’ below.


‘Kyusi’ is part of Benitez’s sophomore solo album ‘Huminga’, which he released in early April. The album also features previously released singles ‘Bungantulog’ and ‘Apat’.

The album stands in sonic contrast to Benitez’s debut solo album ‘Homework Machine’, which was released in August last year and ranked second in NME’s list for the 25 best Asian albums of 2020. While ‘Homework Machine’ relied more on electronic sounds and chiptune influences, on ‘Huminga’ Benitez stuck with acoustic instruments.

“I overdid the 8-bit thing for ‘Homework Machine’. I think I was too afraid of using organic instruments because I knew it would just be compared to [IV Of Spades],” he said in an interview with NME’s Aldus Santos.


Zild is also part of Filipino indie rock band IV Of Spades, who announced a hiatus in August last year. The band released their debut studio album ‘CLAPCLAPCLAP!’ in 2019, followed by two singles in 2020.