Waterparks continue teasing fifth album, call it an “outdoor daytime album”

The follow-up to ‘Greatest Hits’ will presumably land sometime this year

Waterparks have shared another cryptic teaser for their upcoming fifth album, cluing fans in on what to expect from the release.

In a post shared to the band’s Twitter page overnight (February 22), they teased that if their fourth full-length effort – last year’s ‘Greatest Hits’ – was “an indoor nighttime album”, the new record would be “an outdoor daytime album”. They also hinted at an imminent single release, writing in a note: “Probably need to let you hear something soon huh?”

Take a look at the post – which also includes a POV photo of a band member in the studio, sitting in front of a mixing console – below:


Another hint at the new record comes in Waterparks’ new Twitter bio, “####### ####”, which fans are taking as confirmation that its title will comprise two words, the first sporting seven letters and the second sporting four. If the band continue their trend of starting each record’s title with the alphabetic character subsequent to its predecessor’s, we already know that LP5’s title will begin with ‘H’.

These new teasers follow a similar post made by Waterparks in January, when they confirmed their forthcoming album was “80 [per cent] done”. The band revealed then that they had a total of 55 demos tracked for the release, with an early mix clocking in at two hours and 55 minutes long.

Speaking to NME at last year’s Reading Festival, frontman Awsten Knight revealed that there are some collaborative tracks sitting in the Waterparks vault. Texas rapper De’Wayne previously featured on their 2021 single ‘You’d Be Paranoid Too (If Everyone Was Out To Get You)’, but Awsten said that wasn’t the only song they worked on together.

“I’ve got a few things with De’Wayne,” he said, explaining that the duo worked on songs remotely during the coronavirus lockdown. “There was one song we did where we just went back and forth a lot and it’s really cool, so maybe that one will come out at some point, somehow.”

Knight also told NME that the pop-punk band had loads of demos leftover from ‘Greatest Hits’. “There are by far more demos for ‘Greatest Hits’ than any other album [we’ve written], there are 108,” he said. “Maybe we’ll pull one or two… Maybe I’ll leak stuff if I’m in that mood. I get in that mood sometimes where I’m antsy and I’m like, ‘Got to do something… go!’”


In a four-star review of ‘Greatest Hits’, NME’s Ali Shutler said: “The title might bait fans and haters alike but rather than playing it safe and releasing a clutch of uptempo, radio-friendly bangers (or actually be a compilation of their biggest songs) ‘Greatest Hits’ is instead a 17-track epic in which they [try] their hand at emo-rap, stadium rock, club floor-fillers, chaotic hyperpop and lo-fi confessionals. It sounds like 2021 on shuffle.”

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