Woman who gave birth at Metallica gig honours James Hetfield with baby’s middle name

"Now he won’t be able to listen to any music but metal"

A woman who gave birth at a Metallica show in Brazil has given her baby a middle name in honour of the band.

Brazilian tattoo artist Joice Figueiró went into labour during the metal icons’ concert at the Estádio Couto Pereira stadium in Curitiba this May. Figueiró, who was 39 weeks pregnant, had started having contractions shortly after Metallica took to the stage.

Her waters then broke on the way to the venue’s outpatient clinic, and there wasn’t enough time to make it to a hospital maternity ward. Her son Luan was born at 11:15pm, as Figueiró later revealed on Instagram, “to the sound of ‘Enter Sandman'”.


Metallica subsequently shared Figueiró’s news on their Instagram Stories feed, with frontman James Hetfield also calling the new mother and her husband Jaime to congratulate them.

Now, Figueiró has further detailed the experience during an interview with The Guardian – and revealed that they’ve given Luan a Metallica-inspired middle name, “James”.

“We had already chosen the name Luan for the baby. But people started to ask: ‘Why not something related to Metallica?'” she explained.

“We felt such a connection with James on the phone that we decided to make Luan’s second name James – it just felt right. Now he won’t be able to listen to any music but metal.”

Figueiró added: “He is a baby headbanger – his grandfather would have been proud.”


She said that the pair “couldn’t believe it” when Hetfield called, describing the musician as “so kind”. “He asked if I was OK, if the baby was healthy,” Figueiró said. “We told him the whole story.”

Elsewhere in the article, Figueiró recalled how she had started to feel contractions “as soon as the band came on stage”, adding: “I was trying to hold on a little bit, thinking: ‘I need to see Metallica’.”

Meanwhile, Metallica are currently enjoying a huge resurgence of their 1986 single ‘Masters Of Puppets’ after it appeared in the finale of Stranger Things 4. The track is on course to enter the UK Top 40 singles chart today (July 15) for the first time.