Wonho on his casual idol image: “I love being comfortable around people, around my fans”

"I want to show myself, like the real me"

South Korean singer Wonho has opened up about his casual image as a K-pop idol.

In a recent interview with Allure, Wonho discussed how he uses social media to show his fans a more personal side of him. The singer, who is an avid user of Instagram, often uploads images of his daily life for his 2.3million followers.

Some of his pictures include selfies in bed or images of the idol working out, which his fans have dubbed “thirst traps”. “I love being comfortable around people, around my fans,” Wonho told Allure. “So I wear comfortable outfits.”


The former MONSTA X member is well-known for his love for fitness and athletic physique and often shows it off on and off-stage. “I want to show myself like the real me, how I am on a daily basis and perform as myself on stage,” he added, explaining his social media posts. “I feel a responsibility to fill the stage by myself,” Wonho added.

Elsewhere in the interview, he also opened up about his music-making process. “I daydream a lot, like, truly a lot,” the singer shared, revealing that many of his songs are based on these daydreams. “It’s kind of difficult for me to explain how I fit them into my music, though.”

Just last month, Wonho released the music video for his song ‘Ain’t About You’ featuring American singer-songwriter Kiiara from his mini-album ‘Love Synonym #2: Right For Us’. The project was released earlier in February and featured Korean and English-language versions of its lead single, ‘Lose’.

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