The Rose’s Woosung announces new solo single, ‘Dimples’

His new song will arrive later this month

Woosung, frontman of South Korean pop rock band The Rose, has announced his upcoming solo single ‘Dimples’.

On Sunday (September 12), the Korean-American singer took to his Instagram to tease his forthcoming new song. The image features Woosung performing in a tunnel while wearing a shiny satin shift and leather pants.

‘Dimples’ is set to be released on September 23. The track will be his first solo release since ‘Lazy’, which dropped back in July.


It’s currently unknown if either ‘Dimples’ or ‘Lazy’ will be included in Woosung’s forthcoming solo album. Back in July, the singer told NME that he “already [has] the next already ready”, although he noted that he “can’t really say” when it would be released.

“But hopefully soon, because I want to keep releasing music,” he added. “I want to show my progress, I want people to hear the different sounds and the different vibes. So yeah, definitely something to look forward to.”

Elsewhere during NME’s sitdown with Woosung, he also hinted at a potential collaboration with Day6’s Jae and KARD’s BM. When asked if listeners could expect a song with either musicians, Woosungs said: “Definitely. Maybe sooner than people think.”

Earlier this year, Woosung also revealed that his band’s lawsuit against their former agency J & Star Company has been settled. In an interview with the South China Morning Post, the Korean-American singer said that “everything’s been figured out”, adding that “we’re not under contract with anyone any more”.

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