Wunderhorse announces details of debut album ‘Cub’

Former Dead Pretties frontman Jacob Slater's debut effort lands in September via Communion

Wunderhorse has announced details of his debut album ‘Cub’ and a headline show in London.

The band – the project of former Dead Pretties frontman Jacob Slater – emerged last year with debut single ‘Teal’ and have shared a handful of singles since.

On September 16, ‘Cub’ will land via Communion and feature ‘Teal’ among other recent singles including ’17’, ‘Butterflies’ and ‘Poppy’.


“I was tired of having to get up on stage and pretend I wanted to throw myself around and smash things up every night and sing these intense songs,” Slater said in a statement about his transition from Dead Pretties to Wunderhorse.

“They were good songs, but I didn’t think we’d be able to transition into doing the more introspective music that I wanted to make. I thought it would just alienate people.”

He added: “I stopped taking drugs and I stopped the band. The two things seemed to go hand in hand. I thought if I carried on with the band, I wouldn’t be able to not keep doing that to myself.

“There’s the old myth that you need to take a load of drugs to be really creative, but I was much more creative when I wasn’t taking drugs. I wanted to love that part of myself again and I wanted to fall back in love with music again.”

See the artwork and tracklist for ‘Cub’ below.



1. ‘Butterflies’
2. ‘Leader of the Pack’
3. ‘Purple’
4. ‘Atlantis’
5. ’17’
6. ‘Teal’
7. ‘Poppy’
8. ‘Mantis’
9. ‘The Girl Behind The Glass’
10. ‘Morphine’
11. ‘Epilogue’

Wunderhorse will also play his biggest headline show to date at London’s Lafayette on September 20 following a current run of gigs supporting Sorry. Pick up tickets here.

Reviewing a recent Wunderhorse live show, NME wrote: “An understated confidence in both his vocals and gorgeously reflective storytelling could easily bear out comparisons to the emotional depths that Sam Fender explored last year on ‘Seventeen Going Under’ (which topped NME’s Albums of the Year list).

“However, Slater’s sublime, quivering holler suggests that through his new solo artist endeavours, he is quickly becoming his own person, and a rare, ever-evolving talent.”

Slater also plays Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook in Danny Boyle’s new Pistol biopic series

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